May 25, 2011

Insane teenager meets insane "judge"


Lorraine Mbulawa, 19, escaped jail after judge Mr Justice Keith accepted the girl had such strong beliefs in witchcraft and evil that she was acting upon what she was told to do by spirits.
The court heard how all her family, including her mother, believe in the occult and did not blame her for what she had done.
In delivering his verdict Mr Justice Keith told Leeds Crown Court: She believed spirits can enter the body and make you do things that otherwise you would not have done. Her beliefs could have made her think she was possessed by evil spirits at the time.
If this ruling is allowed to set a precedent, then no-one is safe, even sleeping in their beds. It is clear that not only is the verdict perverse, but that the relevant judge is clearly unfit to preside over any sane court.

Mercy for witchcraft girl 'told to stab mother'Daily Telegraph, 26th May 2011.

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It's very odd - she gets a lesser charge because she didn't know what she was doing, yet is still considered to be sane? I do note that the sentence does include treatment though.

It does give a green light to religious loonies in general that if they claim their beliefs are strong enough, they can literally get away with murder. Let's hope a certain wife beater doesn't work this out.

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