June 8, 2011

Wasting police time

United States: Yesterday, a story broke about police in Texas digging up someone's garden in search of a mass grave. The lack of details was annoying. Had they been listening to fundies and become convinced of the existence of some murderous Satanic cult? Someone who ought to have been noticed and sent to a secure medical facility some time ago? No-one was saying anything, other than they'd had a tip off.

Today, all has been revealed. The tip-off came from a psychic, and the police are not amused about having their time wasted.

Captain Rex Evans, spokesman for the Liberty County Sheriff's Office, said the woman, who twice called in the tip, would be investigated for making a false report.

Evans said the tip-off had to be taken seriously because children's bodies were claimed to be in the property. The department called the FBI for help, and Texas Rangers spent hours obtaining a warrant to search the one-storey brick home at a rural crossroads near Hardin, about 51 miles east of Houston.

Something the news reports don't make clear—did they actually dig, or do police have access to geophys these days?

'Psychic' tip-off sparks police hunt for mass grave in TexasThe Guardian, 8th June 2011.

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