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January 17, 2003

New on the blogroll

Gullibility isn't in the dictionary describes itself as An atheist's weblog of human folly: wishful thinking and fanatacism. Laughter at mankind, its representatives and works and covers much the same ground as the Prattle, but with more emphasis on silliness and less of the depressing stuff.

January 12, 2003

About that cookie and new interface bits

When you go to comments the first time, the site will try and set a cookie. All it's for is to save your details (on your machine), to put in the comments form when you comment. You don't have to accept it to be able to comment, and you might get the same functionality better with the form manager in your browser. Also, it's read by a Javascript thing, so it doesn't work if you have remotely secure settings in Mozilla.

If you want to comment you must give an e-mail address but, if you also give the form a link to your own web site, it will use that with your name instead of the e-mail address and you won't be barraged with spam after the harvesting robots get here. I do not save the information anywhere other than in the database which handles the comments. I'm not going to spam you and I ain't going to sell it to anyone who will.

The timestamp at the bottom of each post is a permalink, and clicking on it will also open up the comments page in the same window, rather than a pop-up.

When commenting, any HTML will be stripped out, and returns are converted to breaks or paragraphs, depending on how many you do. There is no need to ever hit return except at the end of a paragraph. URLs are converted to links to that URL.

January 11, 2003

Pagan Prattle policy statement

Some people seem to have some very strange ideas about the Prattle and the person behind it. Let's clarify things a little and answer some of those questions and strange comments. Think of this as a policy statement which explains where the Prattle is coming from.

January 4, 2003

New on the blogroll

I should've added it ages ago, but has made it onto the list of blogs I read. What's it about?

Moronic behaviour and attitude knows no political, social, or economic boundaries. Hypocrisy plays no favorites. Therefore, this site is neither liberal nor conservative. It is our wish to neither uplift the poor while vilifying the rich or vice-versa. We're neither yuppies nor hippies. We're just people, just like you (we're all people), who have grown weary of the morons in our society dragging the rest of us down.

You see, we're thinkers and armchair philosophers. We want to be free to think and reason. We want to be free to live our lives and make decisions as we see fit. We are tired of the interference we get from a variety of sources. We are angry at them for trying to block us from being happy because they cannot attain happiness for themselves.

The site is strongest on stories about homosexuality and those who are scared of it.

January 3, 2003

Odd behaviour

You might see random old stories appearing at the top of this page and then disappearing again. Don't worry - I'm restoring the archives the hard way, and I have to add the entry first and then change the date.

January 2, 2003

We're moving

As part of the promised changes to the Prattle, the address has changed. Please redirect your links, bookmarks etc to as soon as you've confirmed it's propagated to where you are. The current address will not stop working for the time being.

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