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August 25, 2003

Messing with the blogroll

Pharyngula is the weblog of Paul Z. Myers, an associate professor of Biology, created to support his teaching and describe his research. What interests the Prattle is his commentary on religious interference in science teaching, like this on Alternative hypotheses for the origin of life.

Unfortunately, none of this is what teach the controversy means to the Discovery Institute or the Texas Board. What they mean is that we ought to give half-assed, metaphysical speculation about deities or aliens from outer space guiding the history of life on earth all the weight we would give to the RNA World hypothesis or endosymbiosis. Intelligent design has not earned that kind of respect. If I were compelled to address the issue of Intelligent Design in a one hour lecture, it could be nothing but a scathing deconstruction that highlighted the lack of evidence, the lack of research prospects, and the abysmally poor scholarship and misguided sociopolitical motivations of its proponents. It would be a disservice to my students, however, who are presumably in class to learn some real science, rather than hear about the superstitious delusions of a group of politically astute clowns.

August 5, 2003

Shameless self-promotion

I have redesigned my personal web site, where you can read about holy wells, download Macintosh fonts and look at my illustrations and photos of plush Cthulhus up to no good. It's less embarrasing than it was.

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