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October 31, 2003

Happy Birthday

Today is the Prattle's official birthday, and it's 15 today! The first issue came out for Samhuinn 1988.

October 25, 2003


The more beady-eyed of you will have noticed we have a new contributor to this fine organ. Deducing who 'Charlie' might be is left as a (rather simple) exercise for the reader.

October 23, 2003

Dinkity dink.

I probably have something more important to do, so I've spent the day messing with the Prattle. Most obvious is the list of extracts from the five most recent comments in the sidebar. Also, as I hate both cookies and JavaScript pop-ups, I think I've successfully stopped imposing them on people. If you used the 'remember me' cookie on this site, you might as well delete it because it doesn't do anything any more. Your browser should have the same functionality anyway. Hopefully, and I haven't tested it yet, the individual entry archive (what you get when you click on the timestamp/permalink) should list trackbacks as well.

October 15, 2003

LJ feed improved

Those of you reading the Prattle via LiveJournal will have noticed, firstly, a sudden burst of 15 repeated entries, then that they look better. I changed the RSS 2.0 template to a better-behaved one from Brad Choate. The spurt of repeat entries was caused by the rebuild. Sorry.

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