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March 20, 2004

How you got here

Here are the top 10 referrers to the Prattle home page, not including search engines, or other Prattle pages. I've also added together the figures when I know that more than one different addresses really point to the same place.

Armed and Dangerous (Eric Raymond)
Making Light (Teresa Neilsen Hayden)
Charlie's Diary (Charlie Stross)
Early Days of a Better Nation (Ken MacLeod) (various) (Terri Paajanen)
Electrolite (Patrick Neilsen Hayden)
The Sideshow (Avedon Carol)
Holy Weblog
The Null Device

I think when you combine that lot with the regular commenters, the Pagan Prattle seems to have fans right across the political spectrum, which is cool. Now to persuade someone to knock up a perl script that'd check the logs each week and post this chart to the sidebar.

What you want

Your editor is too lazy to download and analyse web server stats, so has been using Extreme Tracking to provide some basic data. One of the things it does is to extract search terms, when a user was referred by a search engine. Here, then, is a top 20 (with words such as 'the' and 'and' excluded):

1     143    12.41%     pagan
2      57     4.94%     passion
3      42     3.64%     prattle
4      39     3.38%     christ
5      33     2.86%     gibson
6      25     2.17%     mel
7      18     1.56%     nail
8=     11     0.95%     pastor
8=     11     0.95%     glass
8=     11     0.95%     movie
11=    10     0.86%     online
11=    10     0.86%     jack
11=    10     0.86%     pendant
14=     9     0.78%     warez
14=     9     0.78%     hutton
16=     7     0.60%     cross
16=     7     0.60%     antipope
16=     7     0.60%     audio
19=     6     0.52%     sedna
19=     6     0.52%     speak
19=     6     0.52%     piece

As well as the obvious obsessions of the moment, it's nice to note that a gratifying number of people seem to have been searching for this very site.

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