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April 22, 2005

Amazing search power!

Microsoft has been advertising its new search engine on the telly, promoting its accuracy. Which is why, according to my logs, it has never sent anyone to the Prattle who was actually looking for the sort of thing you find here. Here are a few of today's stunningly accurate hits.

22 Apr, Fri, 15:35:11
22 Apr, Fri, 16:19:06
22 Apr, Fri, 16:22:23
22 Apr, Fri, 16:30:02
22 Apr, Fri, 18:43:03
22 Apr, Fri, 19:34:42
22 Apr, Fri, 20:21:19
22 Apr, Fri, 20:25:14

I wonder if the lone fundie who has so much influence over Microsoft knows that the company lets people search for evil macadamia nuts?

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