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September 22, 2008

Moving House

I might as well just repeat what Charlie has to say, as the Prattle is moving in the very same move, and the effects will be identical:

The time has come to move servers.

(This one is so ancient it's trying to figure out who to vote for.)

Some time in the next 24-48 hours I will switch off comments globally on this blog, so that we can mirror the database over onto the new machine. The blog will still be visible — just read-only for a few days.

I'm currently running on an old version of Movable Type. One of the benefits of the move is a chance to do some spring cleaning, and in due course I will be upgrading to a much newer MT installation (and merging the other MT installation hosted on the old server, so we've only got one piece of blogging software to maintain).

When it's all up and running again, comment posting will be re-enabled. (And it had better be sorted before October 5th, because that's when the old server goes away.)

(Our email set-up at will also be interrupted; nothing will be lost, but mail delivery may take a bit longer than usual while the DNS records are changed.)

We now return you to your regular but soon-to-be-interrupted discussion ...

September 9, 2008

A note of appreciation

Just to say a quick "thank you" to A Voice of Sanity, who's been trawling through the Prattle archives and providing updates to many of the stories, and links.

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