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March 4, 2002

Priests, choirboys etc.

by Feòrag

Naughty vicar stories seem to be common today. First, a long article in the Toronto Star examines the financial difficulties faced by Catholic Dioceses in the US as a result of payments to victims of sexually abusive priests. Abuse cases costing church millions, Toronto Star March 4th 2002.

In Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony has ordered up to 12 priests to retire or otherwise leave their ministries. The priests were all involved in past sexual abuses and had received psychological treatment, but none were implicated in recent cases, and several were considered to be fully rehabilitated. L.A. priests ousted over sex abuse cases, Chicago Tribune March 4th 2002.

In St. Louis, two priests have been ousted as part of a new 'Zero tolerance' stance in response to criminal proceedings against a priest alleged to have sexually abused 130 children. Two Priests Removed In St. Louis, CBS News March 3rd 2002.

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