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March 22, 2002

Social Workers

by Feòrag

A year-long inquiry has concluded that there was nothing legal which could have been done to prevent the murder of a 12-year old boy by a seriously mentally ill man. Edward Crowley, who had changed his name after developing an obsession with the notorious Aleister Crowley, stabbed Diego Pineiro 30 times in Central London while on bail. Magistrates had concluded that his condition was not serious enough to warrant keeping him in custody under the Mental Health Act.

Crowley had developed a friendship with the boy, but there had been no sexual relationship. He had been unable to accept it when the Pineiro tried to break off the friendship. Although Crowley acted alone, and was clearly mentally ill, this will undoubtedly become "proof" of an evil, child abusing Satanic conspiracy in the eyes of certain people. Occult killing inquiry no 'whitewash' - BBC News, March 22nd 2002.

Meanwhile, a Christian child protection organisation has admitted that churches are a danger to children. In a document due to be presented to the Victoria Climbié Inquiry today, the Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service confess that many churches and Christian groups have lax child protection procedures, and that some churches collude in child abuse.

Eight-year old Victoria Climbié's carers killed her in February 2000 after months of abuse, yet preachers at three churches she attended failed to notice any problem. Pastor Pascal Ormome of Ensemble Pour Christ Church even thought the girl was possessed. Churches a 'danger to children' - BBC News, March 22nd 2002.
Victoria Climbié Inquiry home page.

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