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October 1, 2002

Book summaries

by Feòrag

I have a vast collection of loony fundie nonsense and other strange religious literature. It ranges from the hate-filled lies which fuelled the Satanic abuse myth of the late 1980s to stuff which is, well, just odd. It's too good just to sit there taking up bookshelf space, and so as a new feature here at the Prattle I'm going to add summaries of the books - what do they claim, information about the author and their influence in the world at large. The first book is one I picked up at a local car boot sale last Sunday - Marc Dem's The Lost Tribes from Outer Space explains that the Jews are really the separate creation of a space alien, JHWH, and he's coming back to take them somewhere better any day now (and destroy the rest of us in the process).

Update, 6th April 2003: These now have their own category and will appear in the Prattle as they are done.

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