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October 3, 2002

Satan at it again.

by Feòrag

A former nun accused of abusing children in her care at a fundamentalist Christian commune in Canada has said that the children were lying about the beatings:

Lucille Poulin, 78, testified today the five children she is accused of assaulting at a rural religious commune are wicked and have been seduced by Satan to enjoy worldly pleasures.

But, in apparent contradiction to this, she insisted that she beat the children with a heavy wooden rod as legitimate corrections to keep her charges on the path to heaven, and that she would do the same to any other child she was asked to care for. She said that God told her to do it. We decided to stop all this mushy, fleshy stuff of love, love, love.

The case is due to resume on October 15th. Children lied about beatings, ex-nun says - The Star, October 1st 2002.

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