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October 11, 2002

I knew it would turn out to be the Conspiracy

by Feòrag

Some unusual theories are emerging about the Washington D.C. 'sniper' killer.

One theory zipping around the Internet today is that this city's sniper killings are the work of a person or persons methodically etching the outlines of the Celtic cross onto the map. The Celtic cross is a ringed cross, and while it plays a part in Christian theology, it is also a pagan symbol.

Sign of the Celtic Cross: Is a Pattern Emerging to the D.C. Shootings? - The Village Voice, October 10th 2002.

And this posting to alt.conspiracy suggests it's all very complicated:

The first shooting was 2 October, the first day of the annual Satanic celebration of the Hindu Goddess Kali, the fierce Warrior Queen whose mythical role is to destroy the Old Order in order to establish the New Order. The CuttingEgde.org newsletter has pointed out that the original six shots formed a pattern on the ground which resemble the symbol of the Broken Cross, that old symbol by which the Roman Emperor Nero tried to annihilate Christianity almost 2,000 years ago. Satanists today still revere this symbol, and for the same reason.

The poster demonstrates their vast knowledge of tarot - the Death card which is 13th in the deck. 'Death' is numbered 13, but the deck starts with 0, so it's the 14th card in the deck.

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