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October 25, 2002

Will a real pastor please stand up

by Feòrag

Ghana is suffering from a glut of charlatan pastors and Francis Ameyibor is fed up enough to have written a long opinion piece for the Accra Mail:

It is common these days to come across such banners as one drives through major cities in the country. To add to these, there are radio and television commercials and newspaper publications selling the image of one church or the other and their self proclaimed authority to the general public.
All these are good signs of the spiritual awakening in the Ghanaian society. The results should have been real positive change physically and spiritually. However, the opposite is true; church related crimes, pastors in business scams, fraudulent visa acquisition deals... General morality both in and outside the church is at its lowest ebb.
To tell the truth, many churches are having little or no positive impact on society these days. This is the result of rogues parading the cities as "Men of God" and "making noise" about absolutely nothing.

The Charlatan Pastors, - Accra Mail (via allAfrica.com), October 24th 2002.

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