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October 26, 2002

Clue-free zone

by Feòrag

Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks has been accused of heresey for suggesting in a book that no one religion has a monopoly on truth. The offending words are:

In the course of history, God has spoken to mankind in many languages: through Judaism to Jews, Christianity to Christians, Islam to Muslims ... truth on earth is not, nor can it aspire to be, the whole truth ... in heaven there is truth, on earth there are truths. Therefore each culture has something to contribute.

Rabbi Elchonen Halpern, life president of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations demanded, in Hebrew, that Dr. Sacks be no longer regarded as a Rabbi, and threatened that other Rabbis who did would 'lose their authority'. He insisted Sacks 'atone' for his sins and recall and destroy all copies of the book.

Some people have seen the danger in Halpern's attitude. In a letter to the Jewish Chronicle, Gerald Baron Cohen of north London, warned: Jewish leaders with any knowledge of our history should never call for books to be banned. Chief rabbi accused of heresy over book - The Guardian, October 26th 2002.

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