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November 7, 2002

It's not us, it's them demons.

by Feòrag

The Bahamas: A Bahamian preacher is spearheading a campaign against what he sees as the deliberate work of demons. It was demons, and not people, who were responsible for a recent crime wave. So he's organised a march.

Pastor Moxey, who is coordinating the anti-vice rally, said prayers will be held to invoke divine protection against homosexuality, spousal abuse, lawlessness, witchcraft, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, stealing, lying, and other undesirable vices.

The Prattle puts a tenner on one of the ten preachers involved appearing in court for beating his wife after she caught him sharing a spliff in bed with his boyfriend.

Bahamas in 'spiritual crisis'Nassau Guardian, 6th November 2002 (probably).

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