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November 7, 2002

Hinn distress

by Feòrag

Seven people were injured in a crush at an evangelist's show in Manchester, and it wasn't an earthquake. A 42-year old man also died of a heart attack at the event where Benny Hinn claims to heal the sick. Stephen Goddard of Ship of Fools, a satirical Chistian website, attended the show and was appropriately cynical.

During the concert envelopes were distributed to everyone and people were invited to fill in slips with their credit card details or sign a cheque to commit £50 to £250 a month to Hinn's ministry. Or they could make a faith pledge of £10,000 to £250,000, or any other amount. Hinn was very charismatic, dressed in a white suit and there aspects of the event that were positive but I did not like some of the stagecraft and some of the bland messages that he gives like sin and sickness go together. At one point 12 wheelchairs were put on stage and then people told the audience how they no longer needed them after being healed by Benny. It is hit and run evangelism aimed to a degree at vulnerable people. At one stage a child in what appeared to be a bed came on stage with their nurses. As a finale Hinn got his choir of several hundred to all hold hands. He asked them to be touched by God's spirit and they all fell over as one. It is a case of where does the religion end and the showmanship begin.

Seven injured at evangelical event - Manchester Evening News, not dated - probably November 4th 2002.

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1: Posted by: rose | September 13, 2003 8:19 PM

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2: Posted by: cri | March 2, 2004 1:27 PM

Jss Lvs,

Wax lyrical

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