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November 28, 2002

Bargain of the Day: Instant witch kit

by Feòrag

Ever wanted to be a witch but were put off by the hassle of learning all those correspondences, stocking up on all those essential herbs and making all those bits and pieces you need for performing effective magick? Well, there's no need to bother with all that any more - just invest in a Mini Magic Witchie Kit!

Have you ever wanted to turn your co-worker into a frog, make a wish for a better day, or just make magic happen in a very short period of time? Now you can with this Mini Magick Kit, for the 'witchie on the fly'? For your magical workings each kit includes: 6 itty bitty candles and 2 itty bitty candle holders, 4 mini bags of herbs and a bag of 13 mini stones. A teeny weeny incense burner and 4 cone incense. A small plastic cauldron and a mini magical broom. These are all stored in a 4x6 pouch with a 'witchie on the fly' emblem. Various colors for the witchie on the emblem - green, purple, copper glitter, green glitter, ruby glitter, pink, multi glitter.

The cauldron looks suspiciously like the hallowe'en item I use as a pot for one of the pitcher plants.

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