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December 4, 2002

Shame and guilt cause abuse.

by Feòrag

Christianity's culture of shame about sexuality is an important causal factor in child abuse in the churches of Britain and Ireland, according to a report published today. Put together by representatives of several churches, including Anglican, Methodist and Catholic groups, the report, Time for Action, states that the Christianity itself, as well as the church institutions, encourages abuse, but puts the abused off complaining about it. It claims that clergy are in a Catch 22 situation:

Since the clergy and other church leaders are sexual beings as a condition of their humanity, they are caught in a trap: experiencing sexual desire and sexual need, and at the same time, experiencing shame and distress.

High levels of misogyny and homophobia make the situation much worse. Church cultureof shame 'feeds abuse' - The Guardian, 4th December 2002.

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