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July 10, 2002

Sparing the rod

by Feòrag

A Texas pastor and his twin brother have been arrested after allegations that an 11-year-old boy was beaten unconscious during a Bible class.

The alleged beating took place July 3, according to reports. The brothers thought the boy did not take his Bible verses seriously enough during a church-sponsored summer camp for Spanish-speaking students, officials said.
The alleged abuse took place at a private home, said Bobby Taylor, the child's attorney. They ... cut a branch off a tree, made my client lay on the bed, and beat him, Taylor said.
Court records obtained by Reuters alleged that the beating lasted for 90 minutes, broke blood vessels and caused the boy's kidneys to fail. The brothers allowed the child to take a break in the restroom during the reported beating, documents said.

According to the documents, Pastor Joshua Thompson (22) of Capitol City Baptist Church, Austin, beat the boy while his twin brother Caleb held him down. They took the child home and told his parents he needed more discipline. They took him to hospital and called the police instead. Texas boy beaten, hospitalized over Bible study - CNN, July 9th 2002 (via Wren's Nest on the Web).

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