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August 9, 2002

EU blamed for censorship

by Feòrag

Romanian witches are threatening to cast spells to prevent their country's entry into NATO or the European Union unless a government ban on the promotion of sorcery is lifted. Last week, the National Audio Visual Council banned all radio and television programmes relating to magic and witchcraft claiming the measure had been demanded as a condition of Romania's entry into the EU. According to Cludiu Rusu, a representative for the National Audio-Visual Council:

Programmes with miraculous healers and broom-riding witches who claim they can change the world are very harmful, especially for young audiences. We should not allow children or people in trouble to believe all those witches claim they can do.

But Maria Campina, an elected True and Authentic Queen of White Magic promised to defeat the measure with the help of her six daughters and around eighty other white witches:

I ordered all witches in this country to stop all magic that could help Romania join Nato or the EU. We will work against it. Why should politicians be allowed to act as stars on television... and we are banned?

Another witch, Rodica Gheorghe, blamed clerical jealousy: It is outrageous and we will not accept it. Witches have been persecuted since the Inquisition because their powers are stronger than priests. In a statement, the National Witches' Association noted that the ban was more likely to hinder Romania's integration. European human rights legislation guarantees freedom of conscience and religion. Witches off the box? Then Nato gets a pox... - IOL, August 9th 2002. Witches threaten Romania's EU interests as revenge for TV ban - Ananova, August 1st 2002.

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