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January 5, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Jesus night light

by Feòrag

Do you have a deep and abiding religious faith, but are still scared of things that go bump in the night? What you need is a Jesus night light NIB bulb included:

Beautiful night light provides security and safety, low wattage bulb included with this brand new light in the original package. Made of resilent plastic with rotary shade and wall hugger construction. Let his light , light your way.

Another religious nightlight comes in the form of Praying Hands. Seeing these reminded me of some novelty lightbulbs I saw in a shop in Amsterdam. While searching for them, I discovered these charming Praying Angel lamps (Beware - the site is a Cookie Monster):

Your choice of angel and cherubs, or kneeling angel. Standing angel is painted in pastel colors; praying angel is in all-ivory. Made of resin. Each 15-1/4"H overall.Uses 40-Watt bulb (not included).

This Novelty Light Bulb-Crucifix is an older, more elegant version of what I'm looking for, and shows that religious tat is not a recent phenomenon:

This unusual novelty light bulb encapsulates Jesus on the Cross. The bulb glows neon red when lit and measures 4" in height. This bulb is most assuredly vintage with a brass bottom and Aerolux-New York stamped around metal rim. In fine working order now, but since this bulb is old I can not guarantee how long it will burn. It came from an estate, which mentioned the bulb was only used on the holidays.

So, I returned to eBay. They have Masonic light bulbs (and Eastern Star and Shriner ones) and several skull-shaped blacklight bulbs (which I quite liked), but it looks like I'll have to go back to Amsterdam to photograph the bulbs I spotted--shame.

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