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January 6, 2003

Wizard drops in

by Feòrag

A praying Christian congregation in Zanzibar must have received the shock of their lives when a sparesely-dressed man fell from his flying saucer into their midst. But according to the self-styled 'wizard', the incident is why he is now a Christian.

When asked why he had failed to continue with the flight, he said he didn't know why. I always make sure that everything is okay before I leave on a mission within and beyond Kongwa District. I did the same tonight, but I was shocked when the craft would not go on when I reached above this area. I really don't know why it failed, he explained. He said it was God's will that he should now stop witchcraft and live a righteous life. He then burned all the pieces of talisman, the piece of skin and the "aircraft". He was later given clothes by the believers.

The truth of the story is suggested by the fact that his family, with whom he lived, were completely unaware of his nocturnal activities. 'Wizard' drops from heavens - The Guardian (Zanzibar), 6th January 2003.

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