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January 21, 2003

Psychic fraud in Japan

by Feòrag

Nine people have been arrested in Yokohama, Japan, on suspicion of fraud. The nine are alleged to be members of a much larger 'psychic' group that police think have swindled around 150 million yen (€1,200,000) from 1,700 people by stopping them on the street and offering to drive out evil spirits.

The nine, who called their group, Ijuin, spoke to eight women in their 20s to 50s at railway stations and department stores in Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo between December 2000 and last March, police said. The Ijuin members falsely told their victims that they were possessed by an evil spirit, and that they would die unless they were exorcised, according to investigators.
They then took the victims to a Tokyo hotel, or what they called a chapel in Kamakura, and received a combined 5.12 million yen to expel the evil spirits that had invaded the women's bodies.

Psychic phonies exorcise millions from 'possessed' women - Mainichi Daily News, 21st January 2003.

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