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February 7, 2003

A bad case of denial

by Feòrag

Sometimes, people who claim to share your religion will do something really horrid, and you have to deal with it. When it seems that the rest of the world has trouble differentiating between lunatic extremists and the mainstream within a particular faith, coming to terms with it can be much harder. For one Muslim, Mohsin, the solution is obvious: BenLaden is a Jew.

I know some of you may very well be shocked. But okay now when we have to speak the truth we have to speak the truth. Bin Laden or perhaps Ben Laden is a Jew, where is the proof, the proof is out there you only need to be a bit intelligent to decode the information that is all... Learn to user your brain and learn not to be mice when it is the time to do so. For my proof you need to wait for a while insha Allah we will pass it on to you at the right time.

After all, he can't be a Muslim, can he? Please?

What is more amazing is the fact that these bad guys have affected the minds of the whole world effectively. Like when you watch a documentary about AlQaeda Muslims believe Christians are bad guys, Christians believe Muslims are mad. They have created a world of zombies everywhere, many AlQaeda people wander around the world without restrictions, not many people would know that (will insha Allah give you proof later). BenLaden has very good contact with Yemenies Yemen is the place where Jews are growing extremism for Muslims in middle east, they would live, eat, sleep as Muslims but they still don t want Islam. They have altered Islamic text and Islamic culture.

He does ask the right question: how can BenLaden attack someone from the back and be a good Muslim?, but does not countenace the idea that there could be such a thing as a bad Muslim, as if they're somehow exempt from being human.

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