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February 23, 2003

Clerical Abuse in New Zealand

by Feòrag

A counsellor in New Zealand is leading calls for an independent body to be set up to investigate allegations of abuse by Catholic clergy. Brent Cherry said that many victims had lost confidence in the church and were reluctant to come forward. The call comes as New Zealand's Catholic leaders meet to revise their protocol for handling allegations three years earlier than planned. In particular they will discuss the merits and problems of both legalistic and pastoral approaches. Call for independent body for clergy sex complaints - Stuff, 22nd February 2003.

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1: Posted by: Bonnie Quilter | April 13, 2003 11:55 AM

I am one of the survivors of Father Jim Consedine from the Catholic Parish at Lyttelton, South Island new Zealand. I have experienced nothing but derision, insult, scorn and ongoing denial from Bishop John Cunneen of Christchurch Diocese, the diocese from which Jim Consedine was an agent for Lyttelton Parish. I complained back in mid 1997...not a word of response or acknowledgement. I rang an 0800 phone number July 2002.. finally, an inkling of acknowledgement. Since July 2002, I have dealt with the so-called standards committe who have persistently lied, manipulated my words, lost documents, provided 3 versions of minutes from meetigs I had with them prior to mediation I demanded...and the latest claim by the church is a "burglary" has occurred and all records of my complaint have "gone missing"!!! And pigs fly!!! I have engaged counsel and we are currently preparing to file civil tort action in High Court Christchurch New Zealand. No more games...no more delays...no more empty superficial apologies to be later denied and refuted...no more lies... disclosure will be sought through the High Court who will act as the rightful adjudicator for this matter of clear collusion, misrepresentation, deceit, falsification of material documents, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of professional conduct. Mr Brent Cherry is indeed correct in the need for an independent body of impartial non-parisan persons to investigate complaints of abuse by the catholic clergy here in NZ. I am seeking in my proceedings for a judicial review into the catholic church in NZ covering up cases of abuse. This point of serious concern will be stringently presented in my case as a beginning to move this area of control away from the church into the forum of the NZ High Court to provide long overdue formal judgement against the church here in NZ. My past has been used against me as I was imprisoned for stealing and cashing 2 of Father Consedines cheques years ago. This has provided the church leverage against me to belittle me, discredit me, provide excuse and attempt to divert the point of the abuse that was acknowledged by Consedine. I was so pleased to see the matter out there on various web sites. The Linkup have also posted press and television reports re this case. I was not the only woman who was abused by Consedine, and many others have been cast aside by the church and given up any hope of trying further to gain any healing or satisfaction for themselves. I can assure you there are well more than 38 cases of abuse in the NZ church over the past 2-3 decades as their spokesperson Lyndsay Freer claims. I know of 11 who have complained without even thinking hard. Ms Freer in my opinion is either a pathalogical liar, or misinformed by her superiors. I feel sorry for her disillusionment to the truth. I hope my civil suit will bring the catholic church into public profile here in NZ to encourage others to do the same...demand and obtain proper judicial review through High Court proceedings here in NZ. No-one to date has actually sued a case of catholic clergy abuse in High Court NZ. Others have to date accepted settlements out of court thus retaining the degrees of subterfuge and secrecy of the church here in NZ as it has managed to date. I hope myself and counsel will have all documents prepared and to have the matter filed in the next few weeks. I also have sought and obtained the assistance of Father Tom Doyle who fortunately for me has agreed to assist and provide expert testimony on my behalf against the Diocese of Christchurch and Bishop Cunneen. I can honestly say Tom Doyle is a man of high ethics and standards and has an honest and honourable heart and soul. I look forward to the Bishop and his counsel trying to twist and manipulate and argue against the expert testimony of Tom Doyle and again I say, given this case will be a legal precedent in NZ. I am very, very fortunate we have Tom on board. If you are interested in the Christchurch Press report re the churches claim of a "burglary", please contact Yvonne Martin at The Press, Christchurch...ph +64 3 64 8494 ext 767... I am sure Yvonne will be only too willing to provide you links to the stories to date including other orders that have recently settled for the amount of NZ$4,000,000.00 for male victims of the Marylands Christchurch NZ St John of God Order when these men were resident children now adults. Thanks again for being out there to bring awareness to people of facts not fiction offered by the church. We here in NZ are tucked away from the world and this has been advantageous to the Catholic church and assisted in keeping abuse matters well under wraps. regards,,, Bonnie Quilter

2: Posted by: Ethel | March 9, 2004 6:48 PM

I am wondering if Lyndsay Freer (I think that is her name) would please be able to contact me by email at the above address. Thankyou. Ethel.

3: Posted by: Feòrag | March 10, 2004 3:47 PM

Two problems: Firstly, this site is set up so that commenters' e-mail addresses are not shown, so that spamming bastards don't get their hands on them. Secondly, I really, really doubt that that main media contact for the Roman Catholic church in New Zealand is paying much attention to this site. You might be better off looking here.

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