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April 2, 2003

George Bush is the Antichrist

by Feòrag

Trebor has put together this page, Nice Guy? or the Devil's Spawn, to demonstrate that George W. Bush is the Antichrist.

I first posted this almost two years ago to sound the alarm. Tragically, nobody listened. Now, eight months after stealing the election and assuming power, the stock market has crashed, people are losing their jobs, the World Trade Center is gone, and our nation is heading off to fight a bloody Holy War in the Middle East. Suddenly, nobody is laughing anymore.

Now if only he'd spend some time honing his Photoshop skills...

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1: Posted by: saimon | April 8, 2003 3:11 PM

You know the trought.
I am not a fanatik ..
Bush have talk''Its not a war against the terorims....its the good against the evil''
Bush want ''Peace on Earth'' like the real Christ..
I have colect a lot of proofs...

2: Posted by: Matt | August 15, 2003 10:08 PM

*blink* i just read trebors page there... i heard that bush is the antichrist before along with that the world is ending... today as a matter of fact. i was wondering if he really believes it, the person who told me such before was a total idiot... a nice person but so lacking in the mind, he isnt, he has made logical paths using the bible and common numerology. he cant BELIEVE that can he?

3: Posted by: steve | October 31, 2003 8:51 PM

If you think that George W. Bush is the Antichrist, and I certainly do, then it's imperative that we let the world know. I redesigned the official GW Bush store and made a few key changes...
check them out.

4: Posted by: Too scared to give a name | January 17, 2004 2:19 AM

Talked to a friend of mine, he believes hes someone special that is to warn people of whats to come in the future, today he told me that Bush is the antichrist, and that he will come out of the closet, homosexually, and will lose many votes to the upcoming election, in july hes supposed to commit suicide due to this, he is supposed to ressurect in the middle east in 2006, and that is when the antichrist will rise again, i dont know if this is true or not, well see when july comes around, but just a warning, be prepared. Gt cls t gd whl y cn.

5: Posted by: James | April 26, 2004 6:25 PM

Though I do not normally believe in this type of thing and am not normally religous, I happen to have thought the same thing myself. This is why I tapped is Bush the anti Christ into my search engine. Certainly The Devil will undoubtedly be more pleased than Jesus with this mans work.

Consider the following.

His election was in effect stolen how else would the devil come through.

As govenor of Texas he ran the harshest criminal justice system in the world, locking up more people per head of population and executed more people than anywhere else in America. Rather the opposite of what jesus would do since Jesus preached Mercy and Dubya clearly has not a hint of it in his body, Or did Jesus think that mercy was entirely for god alone?

Whilst Jesus denounced material things and exalted charity whereas George Bush presided over the worse Child poverty in America and worlds worse pollution. The cheque book is clearly more influential on this man than the good book by a factor of 1000. If there is a choice between worshipping God and Mammon and he had to give up god or his money which one do you think he would renounce.

This man professes that he is a born again Christian which would be the devils way of mocking God. Lucifer would find the fact that so many of his supporters professed themselves ardent christians funny.

Mr Bush is also noticable for his hypocrisy. Having been something of an alcholic and coke fiend in his youth he proceeded to enact laws which made underage drinking an offence punishable by imprisonment and also made poseesion of any amonunt of cocaine the subject of the harshest jail terms in America. Laws which would have seen him in Jail. He is also Pro life but is himself widely rumored to haver paid for the abortion of his first born-- Something the Anti Christ may well have done.

If Armageddon happens I think almost everyone agrees that it will be in the middle East. The mans present behaviour in the middle east could not be more calculated to enrage the Arabs by endorsing Arial Sharons settlement. In addition could not the whore of Babylon have something to do with the IRAQ business which is inflaming Arab opinion. Furthermore it's not just me that thinks this but today (26/04/04) 50 Former British Ambassaders have urged Tony Blair to either start influencing Mr Bush or stop supporting him. I hope Mr Blair listens for the sake of my country but I think that Mr Blair will follow the great deceiver

6: Posted by: Gauran | May 20, 2004 5:01 PM

In my view George W. Bush is an earth plane projection of Caligastia, yes this is the AntiChrist. There are many human AntiChrists, but Bush, I believe is the "The Antichrist" projected by the same soul atom that produced Nero, Hitler and others over the last two thousand years. Bush seems to be a carbon copy of Nero who was one of Caligastia's human projections, probably his first one after he (Caligastia) was assigned to the stream of human mortality about 29 AD.

7: Posted by: Garth | June 13, 2004 3:36 AM

I dont know why u dumbass freaks r calling george bushthe antichrist. it just so happens that his buns were the hottest i have ever put my meat between.when i put it in his bum i was instantly in paradise, my mind was in complete relaxation and i had the best time of my life!!!!!!!! Whe he stuck that little wrinkly thing in my ass it was even better, and i thought it couldnt get any better. after he got off and pulled it out of my ass i licked off all the cum and shit, and on top of that i sucked out all the shit that got inside his little cock.

8: Posted by: Gauran | June 16, 2004 6:06 PM

There is no doubt in my mind that George W. Bush is an evil and wicked individual, and I think it is very possable that he is the human Antichrist and an agent of Caligastia, if not an earth plane projection of Caligastia himself. In my view Nero was the first earth plane projection of Caligastia after he was assigned to the bottomless pit (stream of human mortality). It could be that George W. Bush represents the healing of the wound that killed Nero. Any way America is now under the control of another Hitler type individual who will, if allowed another term, will take this country down the rat hole.

9: Posted by: Sanguine Moon | August 11, 2004 11:25 AM

I'm not sure what to believe anymore. I first stumbled upon this guys site about 2 years ago... I believed without a doubt back then that Dubya was infact the anti-christ. Since then I read some of revalations and noticed that most of the things that it says are supposed to happen have not infact occured yet. Such as the animals with breastplates that will come to start a war. (The first thing that is supposed to happen.) I thought perhaps that it was a metaphor for something that will be more believeable to occur. However my husband explained that the man who wrote revalations actually had visions of what would occur, and wrote them down EXACTLY as he invisioned them. I have been a practicing pagan now for almost a year. Today I stumbled on his site again and read the new things. Now yet again I don't know what to believe. Can anyone shed some light?

10: Posted by: imhotep | September 7, 2004 2:15 AM

I have wrestled with this issue for almost 4 years now. Although my spiritual beliefs tend to transend christian dogma, the similarities between the character of antichrists ( Napoleon, Hitler etc.) and Busche is somewhat remarkable. The term anti-christ is not biblical. It is a term Nostadamus uses. The Bible refers to the beast, which could both man and/or nation, or way of thinking. For someone to think they are chosen by God to lead, is a red flag. If their actions reflect Christian values then the fruit shouldn't fall far from the tree. What's interesting is that the list of antichrists, all these leaders considered themselves Christian, yet their actions indicate something totally oppposite. I think Busche's policies seem to be diametrically opposed to teachings of Jesus. More than that, I think he is using the Christian mask to hide his true allegience. And the truly scary part is that he's fooling the "very elect". Many good christians and Americans seem to be falling for his scam interpretations. His christian understanding seems to be infantile at best. He seems to be more a disciple of John Wayne. In addition most of Busche 's followers seem to fall into the same trap as the Sadducees and Pharasees fell into in the New Testament. The mistake of thinking there interpretations of scripture is absolute. As if God only speaks to them. Another red flag. Busche's administration seems to follow the early days of Hitler almost verbatim. Lie big, keep it simple and patriotic, and scare the people to death. Create your own enemies so that you have control over them. Control the flow of information. Clearly Karl Rove has studied the Nazi Regime. So if Busche is not the anti-christ, his people are using plays from the Anti-Christ playbook. Another parallel is the guilibility of the American people, very similiar to the Germans during Hitler. It is my observation that most Americans are stupid, and want to keep it that way. When Busche is re-elected, ( if its close, the voting machines fix is in and will manipulate the numbers to Busche's favor. Busche administration are masters of the pay-off and know who to pay to get results. Why bribe the player when you can buy the refs. Better yet both.) the karma of this country is so overwhelmingly bad that we probably deserve a anti-christ as president. How many people throughout the world have paid and will pay for the comfort level of Americans. As we slide the downside of peak oil our fangs and claws will be unveiled not only to the world, but ourselves. Will we be able see that
Busche represents the Beast inside of US.


11: Posted by: iamgauran | October 8, 2004 12:23 PM

The Greek word "anti" as expressed by most english speaking people is misleading. "Anti" would be better translated as "instead of" or "substitute for". I do not know if Bush is the predicted Antichrist, but I strongly suspect that he is. There are many human antichrists, but there is one who will rise above all others and I believe he will claim to be Christian and arise out of a fundamentalist Christian nation or a nation dominated by fundamentalist Christanity such as the USA. In my view, the planetary Antichrist has always been Caligastia but he works through human assistants, and it will be him "Caligastia" who projects the great third human Antichrist, or a projection of his image.

12: Posted by: Feòrag | October 9, 2004 9:40 AM

You know, iamgauran, given that everything else in your comment is complete bollocks, I don't think we can trust your command of linguistics without a really good citation from a reliable (i.e. not religious) source.

13: Posted by: iamgauran | October 17, 2004 10:52 PM

I should have explained in my comment above that the history of "Caligastia" is covered in papers number 66 and 67 of the Urantia Book. Caligastia is, in my view, the Planetary Antichrist but he works through many different human agents or agencies and organizations. If you enter the name "Caligastia" into a google or yahoo search engine you will see many references and papers about Caligastia.

The Greek word "anti" a prime particle, it means "opposite", "instead" often used in composition to denote "contrast" see number 473 in Strongs Greek Dictionary.

14: Posted by: Red Wolf | October 18, 2004 6:43 AM

iamgauran mentioned prime, perhaps we should introduce him to QuePirate.

15: Posted by: Sage | November 2, 2004 8:20 PM

From a study of Islam, the Muslims are the real Christians [followers of]. In the latter days it is said that a man will emerge with eye who would ride on a donkey and be so large that he will cross continents with his might. He would have great power and anyone who obeys him will be left alone but, who disobeyes him will be destitute and helpless. He is the Muslim Anti-Christ the Dajjal. Then the Messiah will come to the gate of Ludd or Ludgate and will challenge him and the Anti-Christ will melt away as though he never was. Advise;- Search the internet for; Dajjal, Messiah, et cetera. THE HUMBLE SAGE SAYS; This is a Prophesy in the Muslims traditions and has nothing to do with Islamists or who is the Calipha of the Muslims. These people think they can break a new mould of history and make a new and ignor the Islamic Tradition. A warning to Bush and Bin Landen, in these days of Wars and rumours of Wars.

16: Posted by: Saturn | November 3, 2004 2:52 PM

I just wanted to say that it is all going as planned. Bush is being re-elected, as he knew he would be.

Bush I believe is the Antichrist. I hope I am wrong. But the next four years will be very interesting.

However, if this is true, then that means the world would end in the next four years or close to that.

I can see the world ending in 2013. I hope I am wrong at all of this and can laugh about it later.


17: Posted by: Fluff the Plush Cthulhu | November 4, 2004 10:58 AM

But it is My plan that it is all going according to. You will be eaten last for pretending otherwise.

18: Posted by: Stan | November 8, 2004 1:55 AM

Wow! If nothing else, Bush seems to generate alot of suspicion and hatred for some reason.

I, as an American, voted for Bush, though I admittedly did so reluctantly.

I am also an agnostic. I'm not given to belief in spiritual matters, though I am still open minded to them.

I still however, believe in the concepts of good and evil.

Any OBJECTIVE look at Bush vs. Saddam conflict, would lead one to believe that Bush is one the good side, and Saddam the evil side.

19: Posted by: Christine Reynolds | December 28, 2004 12:40 AM

[Advertising deleted]

20: Posted by: Red Wolf | December 28, 2004 1:10 AM

If you don't mind, I'll pray that Christine figures out how to make carriage returns. It makes my brain hurt, but that could be Fluff's doing.

21: Posted by: Susan | December 28, 2004 3:20 AM

George Bush is definitely the Antichrist. He destroys wonderfully in the name of God. He is the most smug, cold-blooded killer this world has ever seen.He has no human compassion which makes him an inhuman beast. And he is the most blatant liar this nation has ever seen. Saddam is mild in comparism. {Advertising deleted]

22: Posted by: Red Wolf | December 28, 2004 5:04 AM

Who else could he be?

He could be a retarded monkey boy. He's one of the best examples against inbreeding since the royal family.

23: Posted by: Andy Kraus | February 22, 2005 6:05 AM

I think the only way to change bushes mind is for the rest of the world to impose an economic embargo on the goverment, and possibley an oil embargo. That would certainly bring him to his knees. Otherwise you will be stuck with him unless assasinated.

24: Posted by: Rose | March 11, 2005 11:23 AM

I hate Bush & the atrocities he has committed in the name of God & all that is Christian. Although i do not believe in these things i hate 2 c him degrading other peoples faith & all that is good about it for his own evil ends.

i worry how it will all end. i cried when i watched his re - election. i worry what he'll do next, what other country he'll devile, how many more lives he will take & ruin for the sake of his war & Americas supposed protection.

25: Posted by: Alison | April 4, 2005 10:12 AM

I strongly believe that George Walker Bush is the antichrist and there cannot be another person so fitting to the term 'beast' in the book of Revelation. I don't believe in the prophecies of Nostradamus for he himself was practising witchcraft. The reason why George Walker Bush is the 'beast' is that every verse in the Bible speaks of the final evil man in the names of 'son of perdition', 'beast', 'king of north' fits exactly to George Walker Bush only. To deny George Walker Bush as the anti-mesiah and arising a question, 'why can't these things be fulfilled in another person?' is to ask, 'why JESUS is the mesiah, and why can't these things concerning CHRIST be fulfilled in any other person? When verses concerning CHRIST was being fulfilled in JESUS, then no need to wait for another person to be CHRIST the rest would also be fulfilled. The verses concerning anti-mesiah is also in the same way. So far verses concerning him is fulfilled in George Walker Bush and the rest will also be fulfilled. But the false prophet is undoubtedly Benny Hinn.

26: Posted by: Feòrag | April 4, 2005 9:03 PM

This entry seems to attract as many loons as the "Harry Potter is evil" one did before I closed comments on it.

27: Posted by: Red Wolf | April 5, 2005 1:42 AM

Methinks Alison watches way too much late night religious programming. While I do have to admire that she's taken a stand against the wallies who dictate what you should believe, it is somewhat of a whacked stand.

If you ran a combined post citing Harry Potter as evil and Bush as the anti-Christ, would fundie heads explode?

28: Posted by: Johnny Pie | May 16, 2005 9:40 PM

Whether bush hole is the antichrist or not, you can answer that yourself. I just think it is funny that while my grandfather and his 4 brothers were fighting the Nazis in WWII, our great leader's pappy was sitting on his butt getting rich from Aushwitz, and Underhanded dealings with the Hitler Party. Ha Ha. It's also funny that the new pope is an ex hitler youth. Ha Ha eheh

29: Posted by: Johnny Pie | May 16, 2005 9:45 PM

Oh, and if he is the antichrist, doesn't that mean that the world is gonna end soon, and only a handful of people will survive. Who do you think those people will be?...

Me? You? Don't count on it. It will be the super rich people that have ties with government, and with the bush family. So a thousand years from now, the entire human race will think of bush as a god and a creator. Now that is the scary thing.

It also alarms me that so many ignorant devout christians don't have the sense to take a step back and look at this guys actions. I hope that some one else realizes his plan.

30: Posted by: Ratte | July 3, 2005 5:21 PM

The end is now.

31: Posted by: Ratte | July 3, 2005 5:32 PM

There is no antichrist same as there was no christ, there is no good or evil there are just people. Your being lead 2 belive good things happen 2 good people and bad things happen 2 bad people but thats not the truth, the truth is you you are nothing until u live and after you live you are nothing.

32: Posted by: Feòrag | July 3, 2005 8:07 PM

I'm sure you have something interesting to say, Ratte, but it would really help if you posted in English, or something resembling it.

33: Posted by: Ouija | October 26, 2005 7:46 PM

Well, if I wanted to keep pace with the utter brilliance of our fundamentalist atheist chums who comment on this subject with the absolute assurance that can only ever belong to those who are particularly talented in the field of pure ignorence and orwellian 'unlogic' I'd just have to make an arbitrary unsubstantiated assertion,then screw my brain up into a tight little ball and refuse completely to even consider any evidence, common sense or (especially dangerous) individual thoughts, leaving the only open brain-port the one that connects directly to the telly.

A flat assertion of negativity demonstrates well the entire basis for such opinions, ie. no basis whatsoever outside personal preference. What is so dismal about it all is you don't realise that when you blankly tap such vacuous brainfarts into internet forums that your lack of anything approaching mental actvity is brazenly apparent.

OK here goes, I'm about to use zombie tactics to try and communicate with denialists on their own level...

George Bush IS the antichrist, Littlehorn, just 'cos I say so.

neh, neh, neh, neh, neh, I've got my fingers in my ears so I can't here you now.

So denialists, how do you like your own tactics revearsed?

Ouija. 26.10.05.

34: Posted by: Feòrag | October 27, 2005 9:28 PM

Ouija! Ouija!
So thick it posted twice!
Ouija! Ouija!
Whose brain is made of rice.

And also incapable of using the allowed HTML to space out their comment in the way they obviously intended. Still, I've deleted the duplicate, but I'm not going to bother adding the appropriate tags to the comment, not that doing so would make Ouija look any more intelligent.

35: Posted by: toto coelo | December 24, 2005 11:54 PM

George bush is not the antichrist tony blair is the antichrist you pagans like to chat gibberish. anyway it's not for us to point the finger at bush or blair only God know who the antichrist is we'll just have to wait and see.

36: Posted by: Feòrag | December 26, 2005 9:38 PM

It's sad to see what happens to bad eighties pop groups when they fade from the public eye, isn't it?

37: Posted by: Rose | November 17, 2006 2:14 PM

Should not Bush and Blair be facing trial for war crimes?

If there is a God and a Belezebub; I hope the Devil has adopted a Hell very like Dante's Inferno; which seems fitting. But as Hell is the ultimate punishment, I imagine the tortures are far worse and inconcievable.

38: Posted by: jake | December 9, 2006 2:08 AM

you people areretarded. Bush is a good man and you live in your mothers basement. Thinking bush is the antichrist is a side effect of being a 40 year old virgin. You should not spread rumors about people like that.

Bush for dictator!

39: Posted by: Feòrag | December 9, 2006 11:01 AM

You know, this research seems relevant right now, especially if you want to convincingly fake Bush-loving.

40: Posted by: Red Wolf | December 10, 2006 1:33 AM

I think Jake may be trying to drum up business for his comedy act of angry sarcasm. He may be go over well with his usual audience of drunken frat boys, who couldn't grasp subtlety if you beat it into their heads with a brick, but it needs a little work for the regular crowd at the Prattle.

Half the audience here is intelligence and literate, while the other half are deranged conspiracy theorists who think the results of picking their nose is evidence of alien abductation. Now that has to be a tough mix to cater to.

41: Posted by: Travis James | February 15, 2007 2:52 PM

The antichrist cant be George Bush. I read that when the antichrist cooms there will be total distruction. Earthquakes,volcanos,and major huricanes. Plus the antichrist is gowing to own Russa,United States,and the hole world. GB isent even close to it.

Travis James

42: Posted by: Feòrag | February 17, 2007 10:02 AM

Hmm, I thought I'd closed comments on this thread because of the large number of superstitious idiots posting to it, who seem to think there's an "antichrist" for Dubya to be.