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April 2, 2003

Bargains of the Day: Patriotic religious tat

by Feòrag

Despite claims to the contrary, a signficant number of people are convinced that the US is engaged in a holy war, and appropriate tat is beginning to surface. Take this for instance (via Making Light); or this T-shirt from Bailey Family Ministries; or this 14kt Gold Plated Cross with American Flag Pin. And when the oil supplies have been secured, you can demonstrate how holy your gas-guzzler is with this **PT CRUISER, 3RD LIGHT GRAPHIC **JESUS**, an

Easy to apply vinyl graphic decal for a 3rd brake light. Comes with easy to follow instructions to apply to the inside of the glass in front of the 3rd brake light on the rear hatch. These graphics are made of a quality vinyl rated to 175 degrees and will last for years. Even though they are permanent, they can be removed easily.

Still, with all this nationalist and militarist nonsense, there's still room for the more familiar kind of tat, like this metal cozy country church with revolving steeple, which stands 13.5 inches high and plays Amazing Grace.

Update, 3rd April 2003, 12:28: Teresa Neilsen Hayden has been searching for more of this stuff and found lots.

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