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April 2, 2003

Bargain of the Day (Pagan edition)

by Feòrag

Just the thing if you worship an Earth Goddess - a non-biodegradable plastic Pentacle Cross-stitched Mug.

Need a great gift for that special Wiccan friend? Want an unusal item for yourself? How about showing a sign of your faith at the office or around the coffee pot? Well, this is it. A hand made cross stitched design of black pentacles surrounds this plastic mug which is also black inside. Bacground is white and the words And it harm none are beautifully worked in red. Tag still on cup which listed for over $5.00 without the stitching. Don't miss this one of a kind item.

Despite claims, what you get is pentagrams, and not a depiction of a Pentacle.

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