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September 30, 2002

The Lost Tribes from Outer Space, Marc Dem

by Feòrag

Lost Tribes book cover Bantam, 1977.

YAHWEH, God of Genesis, an extraterrestrial being. YAHWEH, who created man to colonize the planet. YAHWEH, who chose inspectors for a continuing surveillance of earth. YAHWEH who gave Jesus a surprising role in the cosmos. YAHWEH, who set up God's plan, a fateful meeting in space destined since creation... THE LOST TRIBES FROM OUTER SPACE.

Lost, but how? At the whim and behest of Yahweh? Chosen, but how? Here, finally, is the true astonishing interpretation of the Book of Books that successfully explains an exciting new reality... the real beginnings of life on planet earth.

This book, originally published in French in 1974, sets out to answer five enigmas regarding the Bible and the Jews, and in particular who the Jews are really, and why everyone hates them. The truth, it seems, is all in the Bible, as long as you read it literally, without all that mystical claptrap that's been laid upon it.

Our journey starts, appropriately enough, with the accounts of creation given in the first two chapters of Genesis. It's well-known that there are two separate accounts, but Dem has noticed something odd about God:

The Supreme Being, the Almighty, appears in the first few pages of Genesis. He seems to be the author of the first story of creation. But soon afterward we see a change of behavior, and the least that can be said about it is that it gives food for thought. [pp15-16]

He notes that the Hebrew name is different in each account: the God of the first account is called Elohim, but that of the second is YHWH. The two are clearly different entities! Elohim is the real creator, so who is YHWH? YHWH merely formed a man from the dust of the earth rather than creating humanity, both male and female, from nothing. YHWH is not omniscient - he has to call out for Adam when he loses him.

Dem's hypothesis is that YHWH is a technologically advanced space traveller, who created the Jews so that he could have someone to love him, whereas the rest of humanity was created by Elohim as early hominids, and evolved from there. Nobody likes the Jews because they're not from Earth!

On the earth created by God, a space traveler implanted a breeding stock to be the origin of his people, a distinct chosen people, the prince of peoples, who were given special attention by that powerful being from elsewhere. The Jews are not of this earth, and that is why they have always been oppressed by other peoples; their oppression is like the process of rejection that sometimes occurs in organ transplants... What is a Jew? The product of a selective process carried out through the ages, by methods I will attempt to describe.

The Jews come from space, and they will return there. [pp19-20]

The book explains various Biblical visions as sightings of YHWH's spaceship, and suggests that the Fatima sightings were of the same thing.

Since the idea of a collective hallucination cannot be applied to the Fatima marvel any better than to Victor Hugo's funeral or the conquest of England by the Normans. we are entitled to look for a more solid hypothesis. Does it not seem to gave been found when we recall Joshua's battle in Gibeon? In both cases the sun took liberties with celestial mechanics; in both cases we are led to wonder if there was a confusion between two bodies of the same apparent size. The explanation may lie in a screen of clouds that was thought to have been dispersed but actually remained, made invisible by a new source of light. [p46]

Dem goes into a lot of detail about YHWH's selective breeding programme, and notes how annoyed he gets when his people marry out. He explains how the Templars were persecuted because they knew all about it.

The reason Jews are overrepresented in the sciences is because they are superior beings and also because YHWH regularly lets slip a little of his advanced knowledge. They built Stonehenge, too:

From Filitosa to Stonehenge, stone monuments tell stories that we are no longer able to read. Was YHWH, whom we have seen teaching their use to his people, the source of the Candlestick of the Andes (a disturbing adaptation of the seven-branched candlestick of Jewish worship) and the aligned stones at Carnac, France?

Long before Joshua, the sons of Adam were given the mission of taking possession of the planet. Were they the unknown people who landed on the west coast of Europe and went inland, marking their passage with pieces of granite and bluestone planted in the soil of Brittany and Wales? If so, megaliths are ancient traces of the unsuccessful attempt of YHWH's armies to make themselves masters of the planet; they are the first history book of the Jews, dating from before the time when their Lord taught them to write and dictated the Bible to them. [pp 116-117]

And, of course, the book would be incomplete without an explanation of the End of The World. Fundies will be terribly upset - the Jews are the elect, and YHWH will whisk them off in his spaceship to a paradise planet stocked with Jews he bred from all those Biblical characters who didn't die, but who went to join God instead. Dem appears unsure whether or not the Christian authorities have successfully struck a deal with YHWH for the rest of us to be left alone instead of destroyed, and we don't have long to go:

For it is our civilization that is involved: the civilization of the late twentieth century or, at most, the beginning of the twenty-first. [p168]

About the Author

Marc Dem was really journalist Marc Demeulenaer, a traditionalist Catholic and editor of Le Choc du mois, which is a far right publication according to this French anti-racist site. He was associated with this organisation of Roman Catholics of the Holy Apostolic Tradition (of the refusal of Council Vatican II) and his by-line is on the French version of an anti-rock music article on the organisation's site.

He was involved with Alliance Générale contre le Racisme et pour le respect de l'Identité Française et chrétienne (General Alliance against Racism and for the Respect of the French Christian Identity) - which for an anti-racist organisation, is surprisingly friendly with the Front National. According to the French anti-racists, he died recently.

As well as many works of apologia for traditional Catholicism, his other books include the intruigingly-titled Mégalithes et routes secrètes de l'uranium (1976), Jim Jones, le démon de Guyana (1979) and 666, l'antéchrist (1996)

How influential is this work?

There seem to be very few references to The Lost Tribes from Outer Space. You'd think that anti-semitic conspiracy theorists would embrace the idea that Jews are space aliens, but maybe Dem's insistence that they are a superior race puts them off. One person who has read the book is well-known USENET character Robert E. McElwaine. On August 27th 1999, he posted an article, CONTRADICTIONS About God ! to alt.alien.visitors, alt.pagan, alt.bible, and alt.christnet.evangelical, in which he insists:

The god of the Old Testament was actually a TRIBE OF RENEGADE SPACE CANNIBALS, with a leader named Yahweh, who was the commander of a UFO SPACECRAFT (pillar of fire, pillar of cloud, etc.), and a GENETICIST who CLONED Adam and Eve FROM HIMSELF and put them on this planet which was ALREADY INHABITED at that time ! And the first born sons of the Israelites became ROAST DINNER for the JehovahS!

And he cites Dem as a source, and similar work by Zecharia Sitchin.

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1: Posted by: donald dominguez | May 30, 2005 2:07 PM

I find this whole thing very interesting and relieving. I find that secular means of interpreting the bible as well as my catholic upbringing very pathetic and intelligible.
I appreciate your site and will continue to read and will share the information provided to those who will listen.

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