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April 9, 2003

Bargains of Yesterday

by Feòrag

Relive the 1950s with this genuine 1955 FUN WITH LOTTO A BIBLE GAME:

You are bidding on a vintage and dated 1955 FUN WITH LOTTO....A BIBLE GAME produced by May Smith. It is marked as a Zondervan product. The box contains 16 lotto cards with various names from Bible history. There are a number of smaller markers with various questions relating to the bible. Would make for a great learning tool for children and a great memory refresher for the adults who play with them. I don't know if the set came with directions, but there aren't any present. Just playing it like your normal Lotto or Bingo would do the trick. The contents are in good condition. The box is completely intact with a bit of missing paper and a bit of edge and corner wear.

The box artwork is a delightful period piece. Even older is this ~~Vintage Tablecloth~Crocheted Prayer~ featuring a well-known Scottish grace:

Here is a tablecloth of white cotton. It has a 3" border hem and inside the border is a crocheted border of 3" that is a payer written in the crochet. It says: Some hae meat that canna eat, And some wad eat that want it, But we hae meat and we can eat, And sea the Lord be thank it..Amen The prayer is spelled correctly and may be Gaelic, Scottish Anglican or was just done with an accent. I believe this is from c. 1910, but not positive. Freshly laundered and pressed. Measure 50 X 50.

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