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April 22, 2003

Tories revert to type.

by Feòrag

One of the religious extremists carrying allegedly Christian, hate-filled banners last time Pride Scotland was in Edinburgh has resurfaced as the Conservative party candidate for Edinburgh East and Musselburgh.

John Smart said that such events as Edinburgh Pride were 'absolutely abhorrent' which will be a real kick in the teeth to Scots Tory leader, David McLetchie, who last year sent the organisers a message of support to help rebrand the party as compassionate.

Smart, the bigot, who is the parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh East and Musselburgh also warned his party leadership to think again about its efforts to become more tolerant of minorities and said that the party must stand for 'family values'.

Smart was at last year's Pride—carrying a placard, which contained a religious verse. On the abolition of Section 28 in Scotland he said: I find quite horrendous the sort of materials being provided to impressionable youngsters in schools now. It is quite vile. The focus must be on marriage between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is morally wrong. It is certainly something that ought not to be promoted.

The other candidates in Edinburgh East and Musselburgh are: Kenny MacAskill, SNP; Susan Deacon, Labour; Gary Peacock, Liberal Democrat; Derek Durkin, SSP.

Gay Pride marches are 'abhorrent' according to ToryGay.com News, 22nd April 2003.

Update, many years later: Smart was personally responsible for Pride Scotia's continued existence. The people who organised the 2003 march got together after his remarks reminded them that no-one had organised a march for that year!

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