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May 5, 2003

Bargain of the Day: friend-losing software

by Feòrag

Now, for only $10 (US) you can get the tools you need to be a completely irritating git, barred from every online forum going with The Soulwinners Box of Battle Bombs!.

The Soulwinners Box of Battle Bombs! is a FREE useful tool to aid the Christian soulwinner in reaching the lost with the saving message of the gospel; created by soulwinners for soulwinners. It is like having a soulwinning partner at your side 24/7 to assist you with Bible scripture, guidance and biblical suggestions while witnessing to an individual both online and off; and in any type of soulwinning scenarios.
Find step-by-step help in sharing Christ with our easy to use point and click menu boxes. Copy and paste the spiritual weapons of warfare you need and drop them (bombs) into any Chat, Instant Message, Message Board, Email or any other battle field the Lord puts you on to fight. The uses for The Soulwinners Box of Battle Bombs! are virtually endless; helping to make even the youngest born-again Christians successful in sharing their life changing faith with others around them.

There's no information about system requirements, but I'm guessing Windows. Given the traditional security of that product, I'm sure a wily geek could come up with some means of dealing with those who would waste other people's bandwidth in their quest to be the world's most annoying idiot. Ideally one that would leave the evangelist with no-one but their imaginary friend to talk to.

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