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May 9, 2003

Satanists run amok in Italy

by Feòrag

Rome: According to Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (which I think means 'Italy Press Agency'):

At least 9 million people in Italy have suffered crimes linked to satanic sects, whose overall members in the country are 83,000 in 130 different groups. The alarm was launched by the magazine Happy Web, which, in the survey that will be attached to tomorrow's issue, shows figures provided by the interior ministry to describe this reality which is constantly soaring, especially through the internet. Hundreds of 'would-be wizards' use the web to recruit pupils and to carry out brutal crimes: there are websites, newsgroups, and forums dedicated to paedophilia, suicide, homicide, and even cannibalism.

Italy has a population of around 58 million, so that's about 15.5%! There is no sign of the article on the magazine's web site, which still promotes the April edition. SATANIC SECTS IN ITALY INVOLVE 83,000 PEOPLE; 9 MLN 'VICTIMS' - AGI, 8th May 2003.

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