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May 12, 2003

Bargains of the Day: mystery objects

by Feòrag

Today's bargains are a complete mystery to the vendors. They have no idea what they are, other than they are religious things, and probably Roman Catholic. First up is a Religious Artefact ??, the Holy Wallet:

Forgive my ignorance but I dont really know what this is, it consists of a cross with jesus on it with a horse shoe shaped metal surround with fourteen scenes of the crucifiction, and one larger scene depicting a vision, the case when closed forms a book with a clasp to keep it closed, it measures appx four and a half inches by three inches, the case is faded and a bit tatty but otherwise it is quite a nice item.


I am not sure what this item was originally meant for - but am sure someone will know what it is and be pleased with it. In a small blue casing - there are two sqaure silvery "plaques" ? : - both different notations.
On the top half there is a note with : -
Oh Mary Conceived
Without sin pray for
us who have recourse
to thee
Regina Sine Labe Originali
Concepta Ora Pro Nobis
Qui Ad Te Confugimus
When closed measures: - 6cm X 3.5cm
When open measures : - 6cm X 8cm
Very unusual - I have never seen anything quite like this before but it obviously is a very religious item and I am sure someone will be delighted with it.
God Bless

Looking closely, one of the plaques depicts Mary, and as she'd be old enough for one right now, I must conclude that it's her bus pass.

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