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June 10, 2003

The rising cost of souls

by Feòrag

India: Several Indian states have recently passed laws banning forcible religious conversions, which includes bribery. Christian groups have been among the loudest protestors, which makes one wonder why they feel they cannot get new believers of their own free will. Commenting on the situation in the Newindpress on Sunday, S Gurumurthy has uncovered some interesting figures:

Evangelical literature distributed is in billions. Presently the tally is 4.7 billion scriptures, 187 million Bibles, 5 million booklets, 120000 Mission literatures, 38000 periodicals and 18000 articles. By 2025 this will increase to 8 billion scriptures, 430 million Bibles, 12 million booklets, 195000 Mission literatures, 100000 periodicals, and 80000 articles. The bible density of 1460 millions will increase to 2280 millions. The Church-run Radio and TV stations of 4050 will increase to 5400. This largest information and communication network in the world will become even larger. Even as he should be proud of this huge conquering apparatus, the Pope has his concerns too. Like the rising cost of head hunting for God. Today it costs $349,000, hold your breath, Rs 1.55 crores, to turn a pagan to Christianity. This too will increase to $650,000, that is, again hold your breath, Rs 3.05 crores per head, repeat per head, by 2025!

Note: 1 crore is equal to 10 million and 1 lakh is equal to 100 thousand in the traditional numbering system still widely used in India. See this Wikipedia article on Indian numerals for more information. He is upset. Understandably - Newindpress on Sunday, 8th June 2003.

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1: Posted by: mogbojuri babatunde | August 18, 2003 12:45 PM

Dear sir,
I, on the behalf of my evangelic group which comprises of 20 members,will like to request for some christian literature and booklets.
We will like to crave your indulgance to send some books on the following question.

spiritual values:
what is spiritual values?
Where is it origin?
who are those that possess the spiritual valus?
types of spiritual values and whicxh one the God want us to have and what is iot significance?
What are the features of it?

ten commandment:

personal question:
How vcan i reflect compasion as Jesus did?
Why is it unprofitable to wield authority for its own sake and how can imitate jesus ion this regards?
What is the relationship betwenn life and possesion ?
WhaT could be the effect if I become overly concerned with money and possesions?
if persistence is good when I make request to God, how about in other facets of life?

Please all information shuld be sent to p.o.box 4433 apapa Lagos,

Yours in christ,

2: Posted by: femi | December 7, 2003 4:00 PM

send literatures to me

Wax lyrical

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