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July 6, 2003

Equal rights for some

by Feòrag

The Pagan Federation in Scotland is campaigning for the formal recognition of Paganism as a religion with the eventual aim of having legally-binding rites of passage, such as weddings - but only for those Pagans willing to conform to a Christian model of personal relationships. The Sunday Herald article makes no mention of any plans to campaign for any legal recognition of the same-sex handfastings which are already common occurrences within the Pagan community, nor of the traditional year-and-a-day model.

Meanwhile, the article notes that the only other advantage of allowing the governement to interfere with religion is already covered by EU legislation:

The EU Equal Treatment Framework Directive comes into force in December and will make it illegal to discriminate against anyone on the grounds of their religion, including a specific warning to employers that they should not discriminate against those who choose to follow 'alternative beliefs'.

Pagans poised for recognition - Sunday Herald, 6th June 2003.

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