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July 8, 2003

Bargain of the Day: Christian RSI avoidance

by Feòrag

Charlie often mails me tidbits, and this morning's message was a link to this Register article about ErgoShepherd(TM):

So, what's the solution? How can the Christian business community inspire its employees to spend more time with God in spiritual reflection while simultaneously avoiding RSI and - critically - improving the bottom line?

Enter Magnitude Information Systems, Inc., creators of ErgoShepherd(TM) - an enhanced version of Magnitude's flagship consumer offering, ErgoCoach(TM), which utilizes spiritual micro-breaks throughout the day as a core element of injury prevention while using the computer.

When they say spiritual micro-breaks, they don't mean a slug of vodka in the server room, either. Au contraire, this is the real deal: Developed in conjunction with Calvary Assembly [of Winter Park, Florida] members and Pastor Clark Whitten's vision for inspiring Christians to spend more time with God, ErgoShepherd(TM) integrates daily scripture with award winning ergonomics and animated exercises.

The Ergo Shepherd web site isn't ready yet, but software licences apparently start at $29.95 (US) and you can get more information by mailing info@magnitude.com.

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