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August 1, 2003


by Feòrag

Japan: An unnamed Buddhist priest has been arrested in connection with his unusual form of divination - which involves examining women's genitals:

Whenever a woman asked the priest for a reading, he'd escorted them to a dingy room in the back of his temple that was decorated with dozens of candles. He'd make them change into white robes and then kneel before him as they told him of their troubles, a police source tells Gatsun! He would sit and silently listen to the women. When they finished, he would pull out one of his cards with a picture of a vagina on it and tell the woman, 'You have problems very similar to the person who made this card. Let me examine you to see if you are built the same way.' Upon which, he would demand a peep at their pudendum, frequently fondling it if he had the inkling to do so.
When the counseling sessions were finished, the priest would lather the woman's genital area with black ink, then compress rice paper over the top of it to create a new image he would add to his card collections.

Lip reading priest finds fortune in holiest of holes - Mainichi Daily News Wai Wai, 1st August 2003.

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1: Posted by: Larry Lurex | August 4, 2003 9:53 AM

Obviously he is merely a conceptual artist, reincarnated into a Buddhist monk's body...

Wax lyrical

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