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October 16, 2003

'Satanist' attack liar dies.

by Feòrag

New Zealand: A 39-year-old detective found dead in a parked car near the Bay of Plenty had an interesting past. Seven years ago, he faked an attack by Satanists which destroyed his home.

The Garner home in Oak Cres, Ashhurst, exploded in flames about 4am. Garner, bleeding from criss-cross slashes over his back and bound hand and foot, was found lying in the back yard...
Garner had inflicted the wounds to his back with a scalpel blade held in a stick, which had been destroyed in the house fire.
Police said the elaborate, bizarre and truly extraordinary set of events had arisen because Garner wanted to get the insurance money from the house, leave his wife and two small children, and move in with a civilian police worker.

He claimed that his biggest mistake had been underestimating the abilities of his own profession. Satanist 'attack' detective found dead - Manawatu Evening Standard, 16th October 2003.

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1: Posted by: A Voice of Sanity | September 2, 2008 10:23 PM

Search for Satanic Stalking Brent Garner for more.

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