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November 21, 2003

Two for the price of one!

by Feòrag

United States: A murder trial in Denver has thrown up an interesting conundrum. A Native American medicine man has asked to have the same rights as the clergy of any other religion after he was pressurised by prosecution attorneys over an alleged confession made by the accused.

[Defense attorney Robert] Duthie wants evidence that investigators gathered from violating that privilege suppressed. He also argues that Herrera's confession should be suppressed because Herrera confessed after he knew the medicine man, 37-year-old Robert Cervantes, had testified.
Echo-Hawk said that a medicine man should not have to wear long black robes and hear confession in a booth to qualify for equal protection under the law. However, he said he is not surprised that law enforcement officials would treat a medicine man differently than they would a priest or preacher.

And as an extra bonus, the accused is alleged to have admitted murdering Brenda Chavez because he thought she was threatening him with witchcraft practices. Clergy right sought for medicine man - Denver Post, 20th November 2003.

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