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November 21, 2003

Another Bargain of the Day: Disney Chanukah tat

by Feòrag

You know how it is - that time of year is fast approaching and you can't think of anything to get Cory Doctorow. Well here are a couple of suggestions. Firstly, we have a charming Mickey & Co. Hanukah Band Menorah.

Mickey and his friends are having lots of fun! Hand-painted poly resin sculpture on carved base. Golden metal vessels.

If $85 is just a little bit more than you wanted to pay, the Micky & Co. Roller Skating Menorah is slightly cheaper at $70:

Mickey and Minnie skate hand-in-hand followed 'round the corner by Pluto. Hand-painted poly resin sculpture on carved base with golden vessels.

And I promise this site will provide many more bargains in the days to come...

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