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December 7, 2003

Sorry We Molested You

by Red Wolf

Ireland: Backed into a corner after being outed by a report claiming that the Catholic Church in Ireland mishandled cases of kiddy fiddling by the clergy, they have promised to do better the next time a priest gets caught with his hand in the altar boy.

A survey, commissioned by the church, showed four out of five people felt it had not dealt adequately with the problem. The research, by the psychology department of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, reported that abused people and their families felt a lack of awareness by the Church of the effects of the abuse, and that the handling of complaints often lacked compassion. It made 19 recommendations for the protection of children, the handling of complaints and the training of priests.

Ireland's Catholic Church apologises for years of abuse - The Independent, 5th December 2003.

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