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December 11, 2003


by Feòrag

Syria/Lebanon: A special Ramadan television program, 'Al-Shatat' (Diaspora), purports to tell the history of the Jews, and contains some very familiar lies indeed, as well as a few surprising ones.

According to 'Al-Shatat,' the Jews have sought to control the world for many centuries, via a secret global Jewish government. Since the 19th century, this secret government has been led by the Rothschild family.
Under this government's leadership, the Jews were directly responsible for the following: starting the Russo-Japanese war; assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo; starting WWI; starting WWII; the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; helping Hitler annihilate the Jews of Europe; helping the Nazis annihilate 800,000 Hungarian Jews in exchange for the release of 2,000 wealthy German Jews; toppling the Ottoman sultan; deposing Czar Nicholas II; starting the Kishinev pogroms; ritually murdering a Christian child in Rumania and using his blood for matzos; torturing and murdering a Jew who married a Christian; murdering Czar Alexander III in Russia; causing the English stock market to collapse following the Battle of Waterloo and again during WWI, in order to make millions of pounds (for the Rothschilds); spying for Germany against France (Dreyfus); inventing chemical weapons (Chaim Weizmann) and selling them to both the Germans and the English; refusing to accept elderly Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis into Palestine; murdering 100 people in Egypt during military training prior to WWI; deposing British prime minister Harold Asquith; sinking a boatload of Jewish refugees en route to the U.S.; murdering emigrating Jews who tried to turn back to Europe; murdering many other characters in the series in a variety of ways; and numerous other catastrophes and criminal deeds.

But it's not just Muslims who are making outrageous claims concerning the Blood Libel. The Political Cartoon Society's Cartoon of the Year is allegedly anti-semitic because it graphically observes that the policies of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon have led to the deaths of Palestinian children.

Mr Brown's cartoon is a parody of the Goya painting Saturn Devouring One of His Sons and depicts Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon in the same pose, with the sub-heading 'Whats wrong...You never seen a politician kissing babies before?' Outraged Jewish groups claim the image is anti-Semitic because it alludes to the 'blood libel', which held that Jews preyed on Christian children - a myth spread by the Nazis among others.
Neville Nagler, director general of the British Board of Deputies - which represents British Jewry - said: The PCS's decision to give an award to this offensive, anti-Semitic blood libel is beneath contempt.

The kicker? The president of the Political Cartoon Society, Tim Benson, is Jewish and defended the decision to honour the cartoon, noting that the artist had gone out of his way to leave religious symbols out of it.

But Mr Benson said the cartoon was a criticism of Mr Sharon and his policies, not a harangue against Jews. I'm probably the most hated person in British Jewry now, he said. Jewish groups around the world are up in arms. These hysterical idiots are coming onto my site and calling me a Nazi. Do they not want people to have the freedom to express themselves?
You couldn't meet a nicer guy than Dave Brown. Cartoonists depict George Bush and Tony Blair in exactly the same way. If a cartoonist attacks the Israeli prime minister, it's not necessarily anti-Semitic. Dave left the Star of David off the helicopters in the background.

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