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January 5, 2004

Bargain of the Day: book

by Feòrag

The vendor warns us IF YOU FEAR SATAN; DON'T BUY THIS ITEM! IN FACT; DON'T EVEN LOOK AT IT. What cultbuster is selling is a rather, erm, interesting e-book:

Take a good look at the photo accompanying this item.It is from a CBS 60 Minutes broadcast Oct.5th,2003 which included an actual live filming of one of the satanic rituals of the anglo/german cult that worships the goddessEulogia!This cult's current admitted membership includes; President Bush,Senator Kerry,SEC head,William Donaldson,Ed McNally,general counsel of Homeland Security,and Robert MacCallum,asst.Attorney General.NOTE:this item for auction is a 259 page online book...not a film or movie(yet).The truth,in this case,is much stranger and exceedingly more threatening toward the American people than fiction.Abraham Lincoln said it in 1856;Americans have a DUTY to KNOW and FACE the TRUTH.The only question is,will America's citizens continue to sleep at the switch..or wake up and use the democratic means at our disposal to return our government to a government OF THE PEOPLE?!This 259 page item for auction provides the evidence and details proving the following:A:The cult is headquartered in Germany.B;Members of the American branch have been burrowing into American business and government in order to implement their goals of world domination and suppression of the citizenry.C:The members swear allegiance to the pagan goddess Eulogia and then to each other.D: The cult embraces and demands of its members thievery,trickery(which includes lying;e.g. pretending to be Christian),and war engineering as good things;tools for expanding the power and wealth of its members.E: The cult members have been instrumental,alongside their European brothers,in causing most of the horrors over the past 100 years;1. they financed Hitler's rize to power and supplied his nazi machine.2.they developed the atomic bomb;cult member G.L.Harrison cabled cultmember Henry Stimson the announcement of the 1st.atomic test bomb in N.Mexico as follows;a child is born,larger than expected,you can hear its cries for 40 miles and see the light in its eyes for 200 miles;they also decided to drop 2 A bombs on Japanese cities in rapid succession to kill as many barbarian children as possible before the certain surrender.3.Cult members A.Harriman and the Bundy brothers engineered the Vietnam war.4:The cult controls the Bush Regime.They delayed the takeover of Iraq for 10+ years in order to have total control of post-war Iraq.5:Opium and oil have long been the bread and butter of the cult's secret operations and wealth creation.Hence,the skyrocketing increase in Afghan opium production since the Bush team took over Afghanistan.One final eyewitness account of one the cults' wedding ceremonies;"during the ceremony,which was officiated by a patriarch in his mid-eighties, the Bonesmen wore black,hooded robes and intoned chants while waving rods over a coffin,summoning spirits from below, Step 1: find out more:for auction,the online version of the 259 page dossier by Jim Stonewall Robey,which will be SENT TO YOU BY EMAIL (no shipping charges). SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR MONEY REFUNDED.PLEASE NOTE:this is an online book...not a movie(yet)

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1: Posted by: Jon H | January 8, 2004 2:53 AM

If I'm not mistaken, that video is from a 60 Minutes story about Skull & Bones.

2: Posted by: bultcuster | February 5, 2004 2:32 AM

Howard Dean is a member of the brain eaters cult. He eats the brains of new borns. Liberman, brains from the members of the Gore's extended family, Clark the brains of Michael Moore look-a-likes.

It's horrible!!! Run for the hills.

3: Posted by: Hal Lister | February 13, 2004 7:44 PM

The whole point of this is what? The information(?) being shared is things that "we" already know. The "we" refers to those people who have chosen to enlighten themselves, and chosen to come out of the dark corner and search for the "truth". I say truth rather then "illuminate". Because isn't the quest for illumination where this all started?
It has become the latest "thing" to see a conspiracy behind every bush.( Pun intended? You decide.) Do we play into "their" hands? Is it all a game of midirection to pacify the world? I don't have these answers. Anyone who claims to have the answers and know the whole truth should be avoided. HL

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