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January 6, 2004

Blast from the past

by Feòrag

While rummaging through some old SAFF material, trying to answer a query, I found this gem which had previously escaped my notice:

Brain-dead preacher goes where no other brain-dead preachers have never gone before: In the fundmantalist newspaper New Life a headline screams out PREACHER'S VISION LINKS WITCHCRAFT TO M1 PLANE CRASH. The gist of the story is that Clifford Hill, widely regarded by Christian leaders as a prophet of our time, has discovered that the Kegworth Plane Crash which killed 56 people when it crash landed on the M1 during 1989 (because the pilot shut down the wrong engine), was caused by witches. He was shown a clear vision of a witches' coven beyond the runway and in a direct line with it which through its contact with the powers of darkness was causing confusion in the cockpit at the time.... Further on we read that not only are witches responsible for that crash but also the Purley rail crash which killed thirty people and the lightening [sic.] strike on York Minster which destroyed the west wing a few years ago.

The bulletin goes on to point out that Clifford Hill is the editor of Prophecy Today and the guiding light behind World Prophecy Ministries. See that link? The magazine is still with us, and they have an online presence! Right now it has the sort of obsession with homosexuality which causes most people to shout out closet!, but the old occult conspiracy has not been forgotten - read The Occult and Children's TV - A Parent's Perspective from a mere two years ago.

Occult Information Interchange Bulletin 6, December 1990. The real cause of the crash was, as suggested, the wrong engine being shut down, but a change in the instrumentation contributed to this:

The change from hybrid electro-mechanical instruments to LED displays for engine indications has reduced conspicuity, particularly in respect of the engine vibration indicators. No additional vibration alerting system was fitted that could have highlighted to the pilots which of the two engines was vibrating excessively.

The witches must've been working on human interface design at Boeing then. Aircraft Accident Report No: 4/90 (EW/C1095). Report on the accident to Boeing 737-400 - G-OBME near Kegworth, Leicestershire on 8 January 1989 - Air Accidents Investigation Branch, April 1990.

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