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January 17, 2004

Methodist Church to Try Gay Pastor

by Red Wolf

United States: Had to keep the title on this one, because I originally misunderstood it to mean that the church was an open, all-embracing community who were having a trial run with a gay pastor, rather than a bunch of loony fundies getting their knickers in a twist and sending the poor woman off to Coventry.

The lesbian pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Ellensburg will face a church trial for disclosing that she is living in a covenanted homosexual relationship.

Interesting term, it sounds like she's having sex with other women in that shiny gold box from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fortunately, she has the support of her local community.

The overwhelming majority of the church is supportive of Karen's ministry and want her to continue as their pastor, [Seattle church spokeswoman Elaine] Stanovsky told the church news service.

Her legal defence are querying the hypocrisy of the decision.

[Rev Karen Dammann's attorney, Lindsay] Thompson also questioned why the local committee's refusal to pursue the admitted homosexuality of another gay pastor, a man serving in Seattle, was not appealed by [Seattle church leader Elias] Galvan.

It seems that if Karen's continuing to serve is so awful, the other pastor would logically be subject to trial as well, he said.

Methodist church to try gay pastorThe Associated Press, 16th January 2004.

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