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January 19, 2004

Murder in the Name of God

by Red Wolf

United States: Instead of running about the Middle East accidentally murdering the populace 'cause all those durn Ay-rahbs look the same, perhaps the Yanks should be looking a little closer to home at the terrorists in their own backyard.

The Army of God wingnuts, a group of wankers led by Reverend Donald Spitz, a nutjob even other pro-lifers find a little too gung-ho for their tastes, see nothing wrong with killing to justify their beliefs. They are fond of glorifying murderers and offer handy tips in avoiding getting your deranged arse handed over to the law if you have the urge to follow through on your violent fantasies.

Another example not tell ANYONE; before, during or after, if you are planning on taking action. Your family, pro-lifers and your church friends will rat you out in a heartbeat, thinking they are doing God's will. Stephen Jordi' own brother and his church turned him in to the authorities.

It also seems to good Reverend has a hate on for everyone who doesn't look, sound and think like he does.

He rails against filthy faggots and lesbos. Islam is Satanic, Arabs are Rag-Heads, and Muslims should not be allowed to live in the United States. New York City is a sex perverted cesspool that richly deserved Sept. 11.

Apparently that large group of nasty people has now been expanded to include African-Americans. I wonder if he got a Christmas card from the Ku Klux Klan this year.

One More Enemy - Southern Poverty Law Center.

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