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February 6, 2004

Cardinal Says Gays Are Perverts But Brothels Are Okay

by Red Wolf

Belgium: Cardinal Gustaaf Joos, best buddy of the Pope, was interviewed by Belgian soft-porn P-Magazine. He's not a fan of the gay community, I'd love to know what the distinction between gay and pervert is. And isn't signing things in your own blood one of those Satanist things?

I am prepared to sign here in my blood that of all those who say they are lesbian or gay, at most five to 10 per cent are effectively lesbian or gay. All the rest are sexual perverts, said Cardinal Gustaaf Joos on Wednesday. I demand you write this down. If they come to protest on my doorstep, I don't care. I'm just speaking out on what thousands of people are thinking but never get a chance to say... Real homosexuals don't wander in the streets in colourful suits. Those are people who have a serious problem and have to live with that. And if they err, they will be forgiven.

Colourful suits are a sign of you being are gay and perverted? Seems the Cardinal hasn't been to a Catholic high school formal in a while. It's a safe bet that Catholic high school boys are perverted, but as they seem to spend most of the formals groping the girls and not each other, it's a bit of a stretch to say that colourful suits are a sign of someone being gay. Still, it's all pretty funny coming from a man who favours brightly coloured dresses.

He got his knickers in a twist over Belgian politicians who had pushed through some of the world's most avant-garde laws on gay marriages, euthanasia and abortion. It is the first time a leading cleric has appeared to endorse calls by right-wing Catholics for an end to the principle of one person, one vote. Apparently some people are created more equal than others.

Politics, democracy. Don't make me laugh. The right to vote, what is that all about? I find it strange that a snot-nosed 18-year-old has the same vote as a father of seven. One has no responsibilities whatsoever, the other provides tomorrow's citizens

While being gay or not wading through a sea of your own offspring (all Catholic, of course) is naughty, popping down to the local brothel for a quicker nooner will get you on the nice list.

If a man thinks he needs sex or is going to explode, it is better to find a prostitute than seduce or rape a girl. At least there are no innocent victims involved.

It does go a long way to explaining what happens to people when the mental health facilities boot them out into the street, they just join the priesthood.

Cardinal says gays are perverts but brothels are OK - The Age, 23rd January 2004 (via morons.org).

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