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February 9, 2004

Domestic Violence Caused by Sex

by Red Wolf

Spain: Bishops in Spain have once again commented on topics that they have little knowledge or experience with, such as family matters. The men in the dresses have been quick to point the finger of blame for women's deaths and beatings being dramatically higher in Spain. Seems that domestic violence is the bitter fruit of the sexual revolution. The locals are well and truly pissed.

Almost every day, Spanish newspapers carry horrific stories about women dying or being beaten by their husbands or partners. At least 70 died violently last year, up from 52 in 2002, according to government figures. Rights groups say the 2003 figure is closer to 100.
The cause of violent death of some 100 women every year is not the sexual revolution, like the bishops say, but rather criminal machismo, opposition Socialist party leader Jose Luis Rodriguez said Wednesday...
...Other groups were more critical of the church. To link sexual abuse and domestic violence to the fact that the Christian model of marriage is not obligatory is ludicrous, the leading daily El Pais said in an editorial.

The fundies have, of course, missed the point. The figures for beatings and deaths won't be higher because of all that sex, but because of a cultural change that has allowed women to report their arsehole partners and those reports are taken seriously by authorities rather than being dismissed.

Spaniards angered by bishops - Associated Press, 6th January 2004.

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